Your logo is your very own little black dress – is it going to grab attention?

Designing the perfect logo for your brand is essentially putting a snippet of who you are on display for everyone to see. It’s like saying, “Hello, I have arrived and I am available, please call me”. It’s like that perfect little black dress that is going to grab attention at the party… But is yours really going to grab attention, and most importantly, the RIGHT kind of attention?

The very first thing to consider when designing a logo is that you’re not designing the logo for your client, but rather for your clients’ needs. Whether it’s a corporate logo, or one for your very own personal brand, you should keep in mind that the number one priority is to attract. Whether it be customers, followers, clients or guests to an event – if you can’t attract them within the first few seconds, you can kiss them goodbye and watch them fall in love while you sit at the singles table. The pivotal starting point is knowing and understanding your audience.

Speak to them.


With a kick-ass graphic visual.

BUT, isn’t there always a but… Be true to your brand in all that you do, because your end users will sense if you are being authentic. Figure out what your brand personality is – remember your unique traits and characteristics as you design. What are the human characteristics that are attributed to your brand? Set a clear brand archetype – What is the genre that you are going to anchor your brand against to connect not only with the heads of your consumers, but also with their hearts? These are all fundamentals that need to be explored thoroughly beforehand, and addressed simply within your design.

So now that you have done your preliminaries and understand your audience, as well as exactly who you are, you need to remember that your logo is only a fraction of your brand. It is the essence and the starting point of your whole system and you are going to build up your entire graphic universe from this point. Colour is an integral part of your identity, on both a conscious and subconscious level, colours convey meaning – not only in the natural world but also within the artifice of our culture. Spend some time doing research on the colour palette that you choose, as this will be applied across the board in your brand’s graphics. The fonts you are going to use will make your style recognisable if you stick to them consistently. Remember that they must be readable. If reduced, you don’t want your gorgeous company name to look like smudged lipstick, you might even want to consider a simplified version for your logo if it has to be shown at a very small size – think branding.

This all sounds very stressful and a lot like a crushing amount of responsibility, but it really isn’t. Ultimately, your brand will be better known for the feeling that you create with the use of its entire graphic universe than for its logo alone. In the end, it will all work as a whole, if you have invested the time and done the proper groundwork.

And remember, once it’s done, buy a box of cigars and celebrate – after all, a brand has just been born.