“I want this to go viral!”. Well now Karen, hold up… you have only just entered the world of social media and have all of 9 followers, all of whom were at your braai last weekend.

Setting up your brand for success on social media is a process and requires forethought, strategic planning and importantly, time. Social media could be your brands best friend or your brands worst nightmare.

This article examines how to set your brand up for success on social media.  


One of the most crucial things to ask when establishing your brand on social media is, “why have I chosen to be here and how can my presence here help make my brand become more successful?”

If your answer is “to go viral” then we suggest you go sit in the corner with all the other brands who share your sentiments. The long and the short of it is, there is no winning formula to guarantee you will go viral. In fact, most brands never go viral, and that is also okay. Think about it, if every post went viral, there would be another pandemic on our hands. The aim of your brand should be for content to ‘go viral’ where it matters most – your target audience.

Social media, when done correctly, can help; grow your brand awareness, increase your website traffic, promote your products and services, and potentially increase your company turnover.  


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, the list goes on and on. How do you decide which social media channels to focus on, or do you give them all a whirl?

If your target market is a 15 year old child, the chances are, they are NOT sitting on LinkedIn drafting a professional profile looking for thought leadership articles. No, you are most likely going to reach them on YouTube, TikTok or Instagram.

Thus, before setting up your social media profiles, it is important to ask, “where is your primary target market most active?”. Answer this question and that should help you narrow down on where to focus your time, money and energy when setting your brand up for success on social media.


This is a great question! The world is full of social media experts. In fact, there are probably at least 3 self-proclaimed digital marketing experts in the room with you right now.

Before giving one of them control of your brand on a world stage; we suggest you ask them these three important questions (answers can be found at the end of this article):

  1. Why are digital marketers’ good actors?
  2. Why did the marketer steal groceries from the farmers market?
  3. Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

If they answer any of these questions correctly, or have a giggle when you tell them the answers, then (and only then) we would believe that they have some insight or experience in the digital realm.  Anyone can write a post on social media, it does not mean that they should.

It is important to consult with the experts when you are serious about taking your brand to the next level. Deciding on whether to hire someone in house versus hiring a digital marketing agency is entirely up to you, just make sure you do your research.

The main objective at this stage is developing a results based social media strategy with measurable outcomes. This is crucial to the overall success of your brand in the saturated and competitive world of social media.

Which bring us to our next point…


Content is everything! It is the make or break of a successful campaign. Understanding how different mediums work across the various platforms is crucial when planning your campaign. However you go about it, high-quality content is imperative.


You have spent a lot of time and money establishing your brand on social media and it would be a waste to ignore any form of engagement you receive from your community of fans and followers.

Community management is a mix of customer care, crisis management and sales all in one. It is your brand’s chance to shine in customer service by resolving complaints effectively, timeously and turning an unhappy customer into someone who feels heard and valued – yes even you Karen! Effective community management could also be the deciding factor of converting that ‘maybe’ lead into a ‘yes’ sale by having someone online and engaging with customer queries.

People are more inclined to trust and interact with brands that have effective community management.


Having a social media advertising strategy to support your digital strategy and content strategy is also important when setting your brand up for success on social media. The targeting capabilities of social advertising is something which should not be ignored in terms of the value it could bring to your brand and it success in the social media space.

We know that this is a lot to digest so we will leave it here for now and leave you with the answers to the questions that have been on your lips since halfway through this article (and possibly the main reason you have continued to read this far). As promised, here are the answers to the questions asked earlier in this article.

  1. Why are digital marketers’ good actors?

They nail impressions.

  • Why did the marketer steal groceries from the farmers market?

She knows you don’t pay for anything organic.

  • Why did the woman dump her marketer boyfriend?

Lack of engagement.

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