First impressions are everything and your company’s website is often the first exposure any prospect has with your brand. It is your 24-hour salesperson (let’s call her Brandy) who needs to look presentable, sharp, and on point at all times as well as inform and sell your brand – yup, someone’s got to do it!

When a visitor lands on your website and leaves again because it is outdated, not mobile-friendly, was hard to find, and says nothing about your brand… where do you think they are going to look next? Yes, you guessed right, your competitors! Plus, if they are looking better and providing information better than you are, then you do not stand a chance.

This article looks at 5 ways to tell if your website needs a revamp. 

1. Is your website outdated?

Your outdated website is, in essence, like putting a “closed for business” sign in your window. When users land on a website that looks as if it has not been touched in years, it makes them question whether the business is still operational.

The COVID-19 pandemic has projectiled us into the digital transformation realm, whether we were ready for it or not. Now, more than ever, people are looking at you online. So, if your website is as old as the Harlem Shake or if it has not been updated in a few years, then it is time to rid your site of long loading times, paisley skirts and its lack of uniqueness. It is time to take the plastic off your grandma’s chairs and come out of hiding beautiful wallflower! Step unashamedly into the spotlight with a snazzy updated website! (will there be a landing page on the website for the special that I could link to?).

2. Are your website analytics and search engine rankings decreasing and you dont know why?

We’ve Googled you honey and honestly, finding your company online was the equivalent of locating and digging up dinosaur fossils.

If your page rankings are low, your bounce rate is high and your average viewing time on your website is short, then this is all a tell-tale sign that your website and its content are not working optimally, or at all. The same goes for your search rankings. If you search keywords to find the product or service your company offers online and you are not showing up in the results, then the chances are that your site is not optimised for SEO or is still using outdated tricks (which we can guarantee you are being penalised for now)!

The solution? It’s time for an upgrade! From development to content and SEO. It’s time to go from prehistoric to the future.

3. Is your website mobile-friendly?

Smartphones, iPads, and tablets are becoming/ have become the primary internet viewing devices. Don’t believe us? Simply take a look around you wherever you go. Mobile-friendly sites turn visitors into customers. Not having a mobile site causes frustration and negative experiences on your website. According to Google, 61% of people said that they’d quickly move onto another site if they didn’t find what they were looking for right away on a mobile site and a further 75% of users say they prefer a mobile friendly site.

It is vital for your website to be mobile-friendly and responsive. Without it, you might as well be handing your business over to your competitors.

4. Are you spending dank cash for simple edits to your website?

The older the site, the older the code. The older the code, the more money you will spend making simple changes. There was also a time when websites relied heavily on Flash, however, we now live in a time where Adobe (the company that made Flash) does not even use Flash on their own site. So, what does this tell you?

By spending the money to build a new website with new code and no Flash, you will ultimately be saving yourself the tie and money of wasting your resources on something that is tired and outdated. 

5. Does your website still represent your company?

Do you feel confident giving a prospective client or consumer your website address, and confident that Brandy (you met her earlier) will take care of the rest?

Whether you are doing a full rebrand or a moderate service update, it is vital for your company to keep the look and feel of the website in line with the current vision, mission, and aims of the business.

Arrive Online, that’s us, have recently undergone a change ourselves. A small nip and tuck, a few updates, and a sleeker and refined look. Inspired by how good we are looking, we have decided to run a first impressions website special during September and October 2021! From only R5000, your website can get a makeover! Ts & Cs apply. Let’s get you hooked up and turning heads!