Think about it – What do Wonder Woman, Lara Croft and Catwoman all have in common (besides being smokin’ hot)? They’re all completely unforgettable, super sexy and infinitely strong Super Heroes… The kind of femme fatales that every ‘she’ longs to be and every ‘he’ longs to love.  These lovely ladies are more than just eye candy, they are the perfect example of an archetype – and the fact that they stir so much emotion and build up such dedicated fan-gasm’s is exactly the reason why you should be asking yourself just what archetype personifies your brand – especially when it comes to website design and development.

Archetypes are commonly associated with characters in a story. However, they often tie to themes and emotions that extend far beyond the boundaries of a script. The one sure thing about a memorable archetype is that they remain consistent over time because they represent values, traits, and motivations that are intrinsic to human nature. And this is how a personal connection, AKA brand loyalty, is formed.

When considering website design and development for your brand it is pivotal to build a strong personality or archetype that will tap into universal human desires. A relatable personality takes the sales pitches and value propositions and transforms them into a character that people understand, relate to and ultimately fall in love with.

The power of archetypes is that they can be specifically tailored to your audience’s needs and wants. Whether it’s creativity, motivation or innovation they’re longing for – there’s an archetype for that. In other words, brands use archetypes to forge a connection between an audience’s need and your product.

Seems easy right? But be careful, finding the right archetype for your brand is crucial for building an identity that feels relatable, consistent and unique, and this is a process that requires some thought. It’s important to do your research – who are you, what are you offering and most importantly who are your customers? More often than not, choosing a brand archetype is more a reflection of who you want your customers to be. Take for example Harley Davidson – They tout themselves as rebels, non-conformists, tough as nails bad boys who nobody messes with… and this is how they’ve successfully attracted a customer base of white-collar men with money who want to feel a little rebellious. True? We think so. You must be what you want to attract.

So now you’ve decided on your brand archetype, what’s next. Well, let’s go back to Wonder Woman for some sound fashion advice… Do you think she would be viewed as the vivacious vixen you’d call on to save the day if she was dressed in a pink nightie? No, of course not. Colour psychology has an inexplicable subconscious connection with how your brand and your brand’s archetype are perceived by the public. Superheroes wear bold, bright colours; Harley Riders wear black, leather jackets… Your colour choice must support your archetype, or you might as well be wearing your “ I ❤ Vespa” t-shirt at the next Hells Angels Rally.

Whether you’re a disruptive brand that is out to shake the foundations of e-commerce as we know it, or a quiet start-up for retired millionaires – pairing your archetype with the right colour palette can take you leaps and bounds into the landscape that you’re looking to take root in.

There are no set rules when it comes to creating your archetype and using it as the basis for your website design and development but there is one cardinal sin that you should never forget – once you create your archetype, be 100% authentic to it in every single thing that you do. Yes… Every. Single. Thing. From social media, PR, web content and site development; never stray from the personality, tone and style of who your brand is. It can take years to watch your archetype grow into the character that consumers dedicate their hard-earned bucks to – but it can also take minutes for it to be shattered by one unauthentic piece of communication. The consumers within this post-millennial age of digital enlightenment are savvy creatures; they will leave you just as easily as they fall in love with you. Always be authentic.

Breathe… It’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to creating your archetype. Just make sure you have a fundamental understanding of who you are speaking to and where you can find them. As you tap into and explore this market as a certain archetype, make sure you are gauging their response. Are they engaging with your brand and the voice you have given it? If not, don’t flog a dead horse – there is always space to relook at your archetype, along with your colour choices and change it based on sound insights. Brands ebb and flow, and as long as you’re not changing it up every second week, making you look like a ‘jack of no trades’, strategically researched changes, implemented at the right time can course correct your brand ship and ensure that it sails away towards that golden sunset – with Wonder Woman at your side 😉.

If you feel like you might have a case of extreme multiple personality disorder, you can always just rely on us to clear the clutter and give your brand a definite and workable archetype to model your website design and development on.