Love don’t come cheap… we all know this, but when Serena Constance Grobler bought South Africa’s very first online dating agency in 2007, she wanted to market it as widely and as cheaply as possible. As a digital trailblazer Serena really believed in the power of online marketing and threw herself completely into making sure that FastDate dominated the online landscape.

Within 6 months her tenacity paid off – big time. Her online presence was so strong that she dropped all traditional marketing platforms such as radio ads, street pole ads, and adverts in high end magazines, and relied solely on social media platforms and website optimisation – an unheard-of tactic in South Africa.

From there the rest is history, the golden couple – Serena and online marketing – grew from strength to strength, and eventually Serena started working with celebrities, musicians and political figures. Her objective was not only to run their social media, but to create awareness for their specific campaigns, sell their products and create direct engagement from their followers. From there it was only natural that Serena move from the owner of FastDate, after 8 record breaking years, to the owner of Arrive Online in 2014 – A company born from passion and a solid understanding of digital, grounded in the creation of extremely visible marketing strategies and forever propelled forward by the need to achieve more in this ever-changing digital landscape.