What’s the difference betweens speed-dating and your brand?

Well let’s go back to 2003 and you will see that speed dating was about as familiar to the market as your brand is right now. This didn’t stop Serena Constance Grobler, who believed in the concept so wholeheartedly that she poured every ounce of her energy into marketing her Speed Dating agency, FastDate, online.

Within 6 months it was doing so well that FastDate dropped all traditional marketing platforms such as radio ads, street pole ads, and adverts in high end magazines, and relied solely on social media platforms and website optimisation – an unheard of tactic in South Africa.  And just like that, a love affair was born – A love affair between Serena and the power of online marketing.

In fact, Serena was such a trailblazer that she was one of the first 500 people in South Africa to open a Twitter account in Africa, with over 5000 followers gained within the first year. Consider the fact that there are now over 7.7 million South African Twitter Accounts, and you will realise that we are talking about a massive leap of faith built solely on forward-thinking.

Within 6 months of the marketing explosion of FastDate, Serena was honing her craft and applying it to other brands. Not content to leave her newfound passion in the hands of outsourced suppliers, Serena took it upon herself to learn all she possibly could about how to optimise websites and it was only a matter of time until she increased her knowledge with two new awesome digital marketing skills. Isn’t love grand?

From there the rest is history, the golden couple – Serena and online marketing – grew from strength to strength, and eventually Serena started working with celebrities, musicians and political figures.

Her objective was not only to run their social media, but to create awareness for their specific campaigns, sell their products and create direct engagement from their followers. This is where “Results Driven Marketing” came from, and from there it was only natural that Serena move from the owner of FastDate, after 8 record breaking years, to the owner of Arrive Online in 2014 – A company born from passion and a solid understanding of digital, grounded in the creation of extremely visible marketing strategies and forever propelled forward by the need to achieve more in this ever changing digital landscape.



Check out some of the most compelling reasons

to convince you to put your wallflower in our hands…

  • Between March 2016 and March 2017 Arrive Online increased its turnover by over 500% on retainer business alone
  • All Arrive online consultants are renegades within the industry who don’t conform. To work hours, to traditional marketing strategies, to being ordinary… We are a team of talented trailblazers who aren’t afraid to maximise on our talent – and that’s what your brand needs
  • We also understand that engagement is key – tone, language, character. Authentic engagement in real-time – we become the client online so that the actual client can focus on the more important stuff.
  • Our absolute love for tech makes us the natural choice to handle the online marketing for tech-savvy businesses aiming to get a grip on the B2B market, as well as those businesses within the financial industry.
  • We do not have a high turnover of clients, once we sign you, we are committed. Our client record speaks for itself and most clients have remained faithful because of the results we achieve for them
  • We understand through extensive experience that being a celebrity comes with challenges – When working with public figures we do not disclose the identity of clients, no matter what.
  • We care. Our collective passion lies not only in being the best that we can possibly be, but also in giving back. Arrive Online were proud to be part of the National Twitter Blanket Drive in 2014, 2015 and 2016. We offered strategic marketing services, graphic design, event management and social media influencer campaigns as part of our contribution towards this great cause, and year on year the campaign has been an absolute success.
  • We don’t scare easily – Since its inception in September 2014 Arrive Online has worked on campaigns with brands that include Save the Elephants and Elephants Alive, and Universal Music


Every point of visual communication is an opportunity to shape the perception of your company. By defining in advance what this perception should be, the result is unified messaging with maximum impact.